Should the commissions mandate proper groin cups?

It's silly when you watch a fight get put on timeout because of an incidental low blow that would have no effect, except for the shitty cups the fighter is wearing. Since there are a few better cups out there, some that apparently can take a direct beating, why don't fighters want to protect their balls, and what's it going to take for them to do so?

It really does not take the commission mandating proper cups to get them into wide usage in the sport. All they have to do is stop giving the fouled fighter any more of a timeout than they do for other infractions or injuries.

The next time you see a fighter curled up by the cage in agony because of a nut shot, just think how it's their fault for stepping into the cage with only a cheap piece of plastic around their stuff.

Pick the best cup in the world and I'll send over Kongo to test it for you. I bet you drop like a rock Phone Post