Should the fight clock play a role in stoppage?

We hear the 10 second warning click just before (I think) cejudo lands that big knee. He then keeps attacking over the next few seconds as the entire crowd and the referee know the end of the round is coming any second. Ref stops the fight as Dom makes a move to get back up.

should hearing the 10 second warning play a role? I honestly don’t know the answer here. Part of me wants to say, look, it’s a borderline stoppage situation. Yes he took a big knee, yes cejudo landed follow ups, but Cruz still appeared to be defending. In the middle of the round, it’s much less of a controversy.

i wonder what the refs are told? I’m curious if the point in the round is supposed to have no impact on the decision, only the fighters state at that moment.

No. The fight clock is just an unchanged parameter of the fight. 


Not at all

Of course not, fighter safety is everything.