Should the forum "mob" be allowed to run someone off?

Should the forum “mob” be allowed to run someone off?

This is a “community” of sorts. Should the majority be able to shut out a voice that they aren’t interested in hearing?
Or should we allow intentional and purposefully placed ‘contrarian’ posts no matter how ridiculous and transparent it is?

Honest question.
A certain amount of people ONLY come here to argue. We have had people admit in the past that their entire online personae was crafted to extract the greatest amount of outrage response. This is not unique to the UG/OG.

Back when I was hanging out behind the red curtain I asked “Why are we agonizing over the correct punishment for a poster that we ALL hate instead of putting our efforts into keeping the ones we love?”

We’ve lost alot of great folks over the years because one time, the last time, they logged on… looked around… and decided “yeah, there’s nothing for me here anymore”.

I’m not talking about banning dissenting points of view. Not at all.
But there is a class of posters that are only here to be assholes.
Why aren’t we aggressively playing wack-a-bitch with these accounts the second 3 mods agree “yeah, he’s an asshole and it’s probably ______ that we banned last week”?.


Yes! Let’s get this faggot op!


You can’t run someone off unless they are making the decision to leave themselves. If they are so mentally weak that they let random people on the internet get under their skin that much then that’s on them and maybe they are taking this place too seriously. Hell I don’t even read what you faggots say half the time.


I have been here since the beginning and the truth is we need dissent and arguments or this place will be boring as fuck.


I like the idea of you not seeing their response rather than having their discourse entirely blocked. Enough places do that online.

Just need an ignore function that works!


with vote down freezing mobs did mute people who were heavily hated


This exactly. I like OP and his posts but I don’t understand the “let’s run off this person” or “I’m putting all these people on ignore” crowd.

Who gives a shit? It’s just some goofs on the internet. This place is basically an online locker room. It’s water cooler talk and banter.

All opinions and characters make it an interesting place. Yeah there are some real losers here. Some weirdos and nerds as well. It isn’t hard to move on to the next post and not respond if you aren’t inclined.

There are lots of entertaining characters as well, even some I rarely agree with.


If you have a policy set up for the forum, and people break the rules, sure ban them. But banning people just because the majority doesn’t like them? Nah.

And tbh if anyone is getting that upset over Internet forum trolls…cmon man


No you shouldnt run @Forrest_Spliffn off.

Yeah hes a dickhead. Yes hes wrong on almost everything he says, and he has sucked many cocks in truck stop parking lots, but I dont believe he should be ran off of the OG. I believe we should all be free!

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I 100% agree, healthy honest debate over fundamental differences is the backbone of what this country is supposed to be about. It makes us stronger. It makes us weaker if we run from it or pretend it doesn’t exist.

That’s not what I’m talking about.

I just wish obvious trolls were more creative, at least that would be fun. It’s just a giant drag on the conversations.


Enforce a political ground.

This all stops or at least won’t matter to OGers that don’t want to read our bullshit, which 90% of thr bullshit derives from that.

It really is as simple as that.


I liked the vote down function.

Little slap on the wrist for 24hrs if someone gets reprehensible, but not actual censorship.


This place is pretty boring nowadays. Even with all the craziness of the world. It’s mostly the same politics and the same posters playing gotcha back and forth along their party lines. We even have posters who troll politics while not being a part of that specific country. We don’t have the wide variety of topics that we used too. And I understand why so many threads are politics but it’s mind numbing. I still have hope for a politics sub forum.

I don’t know about bans. But there sure are a lot of shitty posters here who play roles and have schticks for the sole reason to annoy or anger the forum. And trolling was against the TOS last I read it.

I wish more people used the new ignore feature but for some reason there’s a large group of posters who thinks that’s bitch made. So they keep arguing.

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You can keep banning accounts aggressively that are suspect. Same guy can only argue with admin so many times.

Assholes are assholes, we all know em when we see em.

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Hold my beer Home Slice

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Nobody will go to that subforum. Nobody gives a shit about any subforum. There aren’t enough posters here to spread out posts over various sub forums. Not even close.


One mans asshole is another mans freedom fighter


Again, that’s not what I’m talking about. I like the lunatics and closet serial killer wannabes.

I’m specifically talking about posters that only enter threads to be disruptive.


There should be a vote down system that mutes the person for 8 hours. This would allow us to self regulate but not get all commie commie with it.

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The problem is the chaos when the bad actors start using vote downs to fuck with the rest of us.

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