Should the forum "mob" be allowed to run someone off?

Be careful tho. Sly beat up 17 straight dudes for a pepsi once.

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Flexing Hulk Hogan GIF by WWE
When you take a random screenshot to flex because you know it will come in handy to flex that you knew exactly what was gonna happen.

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I’m just here for the gay sex.

Umm how about not reply to their posts?!? I mean, when you see these trolls post casually dismiss it and move onto the next post? It’s really not that complex. But instead you have the same group of posters that respond to the trolls and it gets very stupid very quickly … it doesn’t make any sense to me

When trolls post and are ignored they tend to stop posting … common sense guys


Nice try JJitsu!

Can it, you flyover fuck.

You wanna get Jannie Laned you just keep it up

JJ you already took a thrashing from TexDuece. You need time to recover pal.

That was a long log in and out sequence. Charge your other device faggot

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Hey little fella, it’s really embarrassing how hard you’re white knighting for JJ. What do you suck his dick or something?! Hahaha!

It’s all Super straight over here in Eight Duece Trey Hobbit feet. We leave the bro jobs to you and the black dude in the apartment next to yours.

I’m sorry. I’m too honorable to engage in battle with a man who was so soundly defeated just a bit ago.

Go lick your wounds little pup. You’ll heal.

tenor (9)

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Nice thread.

In my favorites.

Good reading.


Welcome to the shit show first time poster! Happy to have you aboard.

You a Primus fan?!


Damn sucks that new guy is now forever tied to alt accusations thanks to kirik jr.
Way to roll out the welcome wagon, or the alt, asshole

My name is Mud

Nice to meet you

The only people who will accuse him of that are buttholes like you. But your credibility is non existent so it’s not a big deal.

My name is KJslice! Nice to meet you!