Should the GSP-Koschek fight have been stopped?

Suppose the doctor was able to determine that the orbital was broken. Should the fight be stopped in that case?

In Mir vs. Sylvia, the fight was stopped due to Sylvia's broken arm, although Sylvia did not tap and seemed perfectly willing to continue to fight.

the way that thing looked by the start of the 5th round im surprised it wasn't stopped.

The doctor must have at least suspected a broken orbital. I wonder with what certainty he would be able to diagnose one between rounds.

To be honest, from rd 2 on I was half expecting it to be stopped at any time.

I'm surprised they let it go actually, especially after it was clear Kos was having a hard time seeing.

Must be just EVERYONE wanted to see him get his ass kicked LOL

the doctor came in and checked over Koscheck in the period between the 3rd and 4th rounds. In my professional opinion it could be justified to have halted the fight at that time (although as a fan of MMA I could have watched 10 rounds of the action).

yea it gets stopped 9 times out of 10,i think everyone was enjoying Kos get raped that they didnt want to end it a second earlier then they had to,including the ref who basically told the doctor to get out of the cage