Should the response to terrorism..

"Should the response to terrorism be national or global?"

Can anyone offer any books, articles, or insight /opinions on the subject?

I have to answer this for a globalisation essay.

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Do you have any opinions on the matter?

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Well, some Brazilians have answers on how to identify the muslims terrorists (not the Irish, though).

Since muslims don´t drink alcohol, and they are forbidden to look at a naked woman that is not their wife, all women should run around naked, while the men would run after them holding a beer.

Them whoever looked at this with a sign of disgust on their face would be either muslims or gays (which would be easy to identify later), and therefore the terrorists could be locked in jail.




(in case you didn´t understand, it is a joke)

grove, that is brilliant mate, you have been a real help. I really appreciate it.

Just finishing my dissertation now, but when i have done some of your suggested reading I may hit you back with some questions if thats cool, thanks again mate,I know you didn't have to.

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Spies, bribes, assasins - and none of this would have happened.

Israel's modern philosophy against terror:

Fighting Terrorism, Netanyahu

Terrorism: How We Can Win, (a GREAT book) Netanyahu

Fighting Terrorism: How can defeat domestic and international terrorism, Netanyahu

Most of these are probably out of print but I know most uni. libraries have them (3/4 in my city do) and I'm sure you could get used copies.