Should the UFC have a ranking...

system, for the purposes of matchmaking and title shots, similar to tennis and boxing (in a more fractured sense)? Will it add to the "legitimacy" of the UFC as a part of a sport?

On the other hand, do you think it will hamstring matchmaking (potentially, randy vs. sylvia may not have been made at the time it was) and create further controversy due to the methodology used in a proposed set of rankings?



It doesn't really work. The UFC can't rely on the rankings when booking fights because of injuries etc, and as we've seen alot lately the rankings don't matter.

Rankings mean nothing obviously. See: Gonzaga, Serra, Diaz, Couture etc etc etc.

rankings are probably a thing of the past,thanks to boxing.

Wont work, too many variables to be of any signifigance plus fighters going up and down in weight class virtually nullifies any sort of weight/class ranking

"if a fight has no effect on a fighters standings then what is the point"

I thought the point was that fights were fun to watch.

I think they are good for 'talk' other than that they are meaningless.

Can someone explain the shooto ranking system and whether or not you think it was effective in matchmaking?

Yes. Until it does, it will be viewed as more of a spectacle than a sport. You shouldn't have to be picked to get a shot. Belts would have more meaning if there was a ranking system.