Should the US get Nukes out of Turkey?

JUL 25, 2016


The U.S. has an undisclosed number of B61 tactical nuclear bombs — probably around 50 — in bunkers at Incirlik Air Base in southern Turkey. The U.S. Air Force has operated out of Incirlik for years, more so recently in the fight against IS across the nearby borders of Syria and Iraq.

The B61 is a variable-yield device, meaning the size of the nuclear explosion can be adjusted as low as 0.3 kilotons or as high as 340. (The bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945, by comparison, was 15 kilotons.)


I assume these would be very well protected both physically and electronically. But we've thought the west was too smart for terrorists in the past.

Yes. The US should have as little to do with Erdogan's Turkey as possible. Phone Post 3.0

yup. move em to Poland and Baltics, the new line in the sand for Putin and others

It just seems like a very bad idea right now. Something that could be looked back upon as a turning point in terrorism and preventable.

Just use them on Ergodan Phone Post 3.0

I think so especially with Russia and Turkey always bickering. Phone Post 3.0

340? Fuuuck. Phone Post 3.0