should there be royce vs yoshida 3

they have had 2 fights already and to be honest not much has been proved.
1st fight yoshida domaited but there was a werid ending

2nd fight royce domaited but under the rules there was a draw.
so to be kind to both there was 2 draws between them.

and both can have excuses for their fights

why royce did poorly in 1st fight
had not fought a top guy in a long time
yoshida was heavier

why yoshida did poorly in 2nd fight

the fight was too soon after the beating he took in the sliva-yoshida war. so he was still hurt in a way.

was not prepared for royce takeing off the gi top and was thrown of his game.

so i think a 3rd fight would good but both should know if the other will wear a gi.

one thing is clear about yoshida though and that is that he can clearly fight well with the gi on but the gi seems to make him tried later in the fight.
example he did well early against both sliva and royce early but did poorly in later stages of the fight.

maybe he needs to take a little time off and train without a gi but he can live without his beloved sleeve choke lol
but if there is one guy that can do it without a gi it would be him lol


Definatley agree with needing to know before hand about the gi/no-gi situation. We need a rubber match(yes I know the second fight was techincally a draw!)

maybe yoshida should learn some bjj too if royce should learn more judo. and from what i heard royce is a black belt in judo if i am not wrong

I'd like to see a third match with Yoshida prepared for a gi-less Royce.

yeah it would be cool and i am wondering does yoshida train any bjj?

I say it proved the first fight was wrong and should not be considered a win for Yoshida. It did prove that .

Does Royce fear the gi ? j/k


1. Yoshida cheated in the first match

2. He cheated in the second match too. There was no groin shot.

3. Royce was VERY rusty in the first match and still did ok.

4. Royce totally schooled yoshida and dominated the whole second fight

There is no point. Royce already won and showed that his grappling skill are on whole another level.

"I say it proved the first fight was wrong and should not be considered a win for Yoshida. It did prove that . " Well, no actually. It proved that the two of them fought to a draw, under the rules that Royce likes, and that Yoshida won a controversial match, under rules that he likes. I would like a third match with no limit to the number of rounds.

LT if you saw the second fight you would know there was a groin shot, seeing as you didn't you really should not comment.
The Royces suprise lack of a jacket left a bad taste in my mouth, both as someone who dislikes cheap tactics and as BJJer who would have liked to have seen a clean Gracie victory.
Needs to be a 3rd match, with specific rules concerning the fighters attire.

I'd like to see a 3rd match. I dont think Royce did anything wrong
with taking off the gi top and think it was a smart move, but I
would like to see a 3rd match where a) gi or no gi is agreed to
beforehand so its not an issue and, b) enough time is allowed for
both fighters to be 100% healthy and well prepared, and c) at least
3 rounds, no ref stops ((not sure if there should be judges or not
though). Thats a match I'd like to see. Alternatively, Yoshida
against Rickson under the same rules but that wont happen.