Should they run back both the main and co main?

Do you think that both the Ferguson vs Pettis and Conor vs Khabib should be rematches?

Conor got smashed.

Let him earn it first.

Conor should get a build up fight. Khabib should defend against Ferguson.

Conor was demolished by a far superior fighter.  On what grounds other than “He’s Conor!!!!!!! :(((((” is there to give him a rematch any time soon?  Khabib vs Tony next.  

Conor should get a rematch right after he gives Aldo one. Or Poirier.

Oh, that's right, he got his ass handed to him, so there's really no reason to offer him a second chance. Or was his (arguably) winning one out of four rounds a reason to say the fight was "closer than the result would indicate?" 

not right away. Both fights were one sided smashings.

OP: both should happen and you know they will as soon as the ufc can do it

nah, just do khabib vs ferguson

Conor vs Ferguson should be next. Give Conor a chance to prove that he deserves a rematch and give Tony a payday he has coming. 

Winner grts Khabib.

khabib vs Ferguson or lee…Conor vs Diaz or karate hottie

For a money grab these rematches are reasonable. From a fighting standpoint i can't think of many more undeserved rematches, well maybe Tito vs Ken 3.