Should this be a Hansoku make?

I got a hasoku make today for doing this flying juji-gatame. The ref called it a waki-gatame proving he didn't even understand what was going on, and said I was extending it on the way down. I definately didn't extend it until I hit the mat and my opponent even told the referee that I didn't. The corner refs were apparently not paying attention or weren't there and so the other refs just backed up the ref in the middle.

Everyone else who saw it thought it was legal at the tournament.

What do you guys think? Should I have gottened disqualified?

ummmmmmmmmm. the technique itself is perfectly legal. you sure are lucky you didnt kill yourself with that landing, but its a legal technique. it most certainly was not wake gatame. nothing at all like wake gatame. that ref knows jack-ish about submissions if thats what he calls wake gatame.

the question is this... were you competing in a novice division? and, if so, did they allow armlocks in the novice division??? if you were and they didnt allow armlocks in the novice divisions then they have every right to DQ you.

no, it was brown vs brown, and I entered for the black belt division, but myself and the other brown were the only people in the division. That was our second go around in the round robin. He got me with a throw in the first match. They were having everyone put on either blue or white belts.

It looks like an inverted jujigatame. Not a waki gatame. So i guess you shouldn't have been DQ-ed.

There were no side referees in sight.

Good point. Where are the judges?

Btw, taking someone to the mat with waki-gatame is not illegal either as long as it is under control.




That was not even close to the waki - who were the refs and where were
you fighting. looked ugly but ugly is not a penalty - I wish it would be - I
could end a lot of boring ass heavy weight matches very quickly.


I was at the rock and roll classic judo tournament in Solon, OH. No idea who the refs were.

By the way, while you're looking at my move, what do you think I could do to clean it up? I got decent height on it and got in on the arm cleanly. Not the lighest landing I've ever taken off one, but not the worst either. Usually it seems like my opponents response determines how hard or light a fall it is on that type of move.

nevermind... just noticed I didn't get that much height on that one.

soj.. rule of thumb with standing armlocks is simply that you cannot apply it and be the first person to go to the mat.

so, i can put on WG, or any standing armlock, and "follow" your movements for the finish. what i cannot do is put on a standing armlock and touch my knees/body to the tatami before you do. i can, from both feet, apply the armlock in such a manner that forces you to go to the mat so i can then follow, but thats it. if your uke doesnt go to the mat you cant either.

jumping arm bars are dicey at local or regional events where you tend to get a lot of bad or unsophisticated referee.