Should UFC have fed Lesnar a can?

As awesome as Brock Lesnar looks I had wondered if Frank Mir had too much submission expierence for him. It looks like Mir did, although from what I've heard it was an entertaining fight an Brock looked good most of while it lasted.

So this begs the question, did the UFC make a mistake by having Brock Lesnar - an obvious big draw and a guy with big poetential - take on a former UFC champ and submissions expert in his first UFC match?

Would the UFC (from a business standpoint) been better off by feeding Brock some cans and building him up over the next few months or year before putting him in a fight with a serious competitor?

Did the UFC "blow their wad" too soon with Brock?


No. He still is a draw and has a huge upside.

For $250,000.


Maybe for $20,000


I don't think that a former NCAA Division I champ that's in the shape that Brock is in can be considered to be a can.

No lose situation for the UFC. Brock wins, and they have their next superstar. He loses, and the UFC beats the best that the WWE has to offer.

Cock is still marketable. Hell, who doesn't want to see his next fight?

I think Brock didn't want to fight a can.

I wrote about this in November and again tonight here.

I feel like a moron not betting on Mir with the odds against him...Lesnar has potential, but he has a weakness that Mir was ready to exploit.

Lesnar was ferocious, Mir was crafty. I want to see them both again.


My guess is that because Brock said he wanted to fight the best they would actually give him a fighter that would test him. Frank Mir hasn't exactly been on top of the world lately but that is what made this fight such an exciting matchup. It could have went either way.

I almost want to buy into the possibility of Brock being afraid of getting hit. Why didn't he want to fight a stand-up guy like Congo?? Maybe because he's afraid of getting hit??

"Why didn't he want to fight a stand-up guy like Congo?
Maybe because he's afraid of getting hit?"

The UFC didn't offer him Kongo.

If he was afraid of getting hit he wouldn't be in MMA. Not liking it, and
being afraid are two completely different issues.

i dont like saying this, but in time if lesner has a good submission camp, he'll be the heavyweight champ, he was manhandling mir till he got caught.


Man...not at all. He looked really green in dealing with submission attempts, but I thought he looked amazing otherwise and looked like he was going to just destroy Mir. Good fight!

Yes, they should have. They stuck Brock against the one guy who he could beat on yet can sub big guys with ease.

I think that Lesnar's first opponent should of been Justin McCully

Mir was a bad first fight for Lesnar. I don't know why they would give him such a sub threat in his debut. WTF.

Poor choice by UFC, imo.

When I was listening to the internet broadcast they were saying that Brock was training with Royce Gracie....

I dont care what your background is- if you havent been in many/any pro fights, you dont deserve that kind of hype.

Because you'll throw illegal blows... Because you'll just get subbed/ko'd quick...etc. etc. etc.

Lesner's a guy with potential, and he needed at least 5 scrub fights before taking on a B- level HW like Mir.