Should Ukraine give Donbass to Russia?

It is strange because the thread is asking if Ukraine should concede territory during a time when they have reclaimed and liberated large swaths of their land, destroying several months worth of Russian advancements

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This war has gone back and forth and terrority has shifted and will continue to shift…THey haven’t gained complete control…Plus the question isn’t merely about the current violence, but an ongoing issue…so why’s that weird?

People are intentionally ignoring the energy crisis in Europe that many of these countries caused themselves because it isn’t winter yet. It’s easy to cheer it all on until it gets cold and Germany has a complete economic meltdown and civil unrest. Those thinking “everything will be OK” are naive as fuck and haven’t spent 5 minutes looking at energy costs in Europe the past few months. The Orange Man warned them…

The mainstream media will never cover it, but there are mass protest going on all over Europe. A lot of people want their countries to be neutral. If it’s a cold winter, it will be a disaster. Especially in Germany where they have gotten rid of most or all of their nuclear plants.

The one man who coulda saved europe.

The US needs to he held accountable for the war in Ukraine

I’m thinking with the relatively warm winter things will really accelerate in Ukraine’s favor.