Should Wandy stay @ 205 or go to 185?

I personally think he's the only guy who could beat Anderson right now, and although they'd get crushed, Rich Franklin, Okami, Cote or Leben would be a great first matches for him. On the down side of going down, aside from those mentioned above there is no competition (I think he would kill Bisping or Quarry).

Staying up at 205, there are alot more marketable fights for him (Machida, Sokoudjou, Thiago Silva, Rashad, etc), and he's already so deep in Rampage's head that he has a good shot @ being champ there. Anderson would not be so easy to get past.

I think he should stay @ 205!

 It was good to see the old Wandy back last night......I wasn't sure we'd ever see him back in his menacing form.


The stare down told me it was already over. The Dean of Mean actually looked a little intimidated in his smile.

If we see Wandy/Rampage III, then we will most likely see Chuck/Rampage III as Wandy will beat Page and Chuck will get his rematch.

stay at 205

Wandy/Sokoudjou next.


I would like to see him take the momentum from this win and go down to 185 and maybe get 3 fights in before he gets a title shot. But with a big KO like that and all the story line fights he has at 205, there is no reason for him to drop yet, so who knows.

I really like watching Wandy's crazed fist flying style but Anderson would school him. I can see Wandy coming forward, being hit multiple times and not being able to connect.