Should women that get cosmetic surgery be required to carry a "before" picture on them?

I mean, if you’re going to blow a load in her, you should be entitled to a real representation of what your kids might look like amiright?

  • Yes
  • No

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Ass implants in particular deserve mockery and scorn they are a blight on the landscape


Is this really an issue?

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Why? The bigger epidemic in America is the sheer amount of fatties because fat shaming is unacceptable in the new woke America and is forced down our throat as the new Beautiful by media. Look at the new Victoria Secret as one example. In Eastern Europe fat shaming is still acceptable, they eat healthy, aren’t lazy and exercise, hence why the women look miles better.

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Should op create a topic even if he no touch a woman’s shape since columbus brought the plague

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an asian dude sued his wife ( and won ) because she had surgery and didnt tell him and they had “ugly” children

whoops - edit. I guess this isnt real

Started by the OP most likely