Should working in the 'Trades' require certification?

Enjoy your communist union boss raping you blind. Equality fund much? I love being called a rat. I am actually worse. Did time at local 54. Turned out and did years running work. Now I owe dues to no man.

Hell yes!

I enjoy my over pay scale plus benefits and pension very much. I work with both union and non almost all the time. We’re paid way more the the non union operators (6-12 per hour more) and plus we get benefits and money into a pension. The non union doesn’t even get healthcare paid for. So for another 40 bucks a week i get 12 more an hour and healthcare and pension. Not to mention they get treated kinda shitty too. Get out here with your lame ass communist comment. You’ve swallowed the corporate line to killing national wages and permitting good paying jobs to go to illegals.

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Local 54 is a hospitality union? If that’s the case we’re in completely different fields of work and job skills. You’re a bartender? Or a maid?


Also google equality fund. Short version is I paid into a fund for the contractors to dip in so they could lower there bid to compete.

IMO unions served there purpose dealing with safety.

I really don’t feel like arguing so have a nice night. I’ll go eat some cheese.

I’m not arguing homie. Pick which side is good for you. I’m not a die hard union guy. But I make more money than the non union guys. My dues are peanuts compared to the additional money on my pay check. Not to mention i don’t have to do other peoples jobs or work with illegals. And like I said. We’re in completely different worlds of work.

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Served? It’s not past tense. Not in the large scale construction field.

My experience exactly.

Ironworkers Local #27 in my younger years, and Refractory Masonry specialist for bricklayers local #1 for most of my career.

My dues were equal to about one hour of work per week. Have great benefits now that I am retired.

I’ve already made over $110,000 this year as a union pipefitter / welder . I enjoy being a member of a skilled labor pool . When I retire I’ll have two union pensions ( also a field boilermaker )paying me not to work , plus with SS I’m looking at over $10,000 a month . How much does a rat make doing rebar ?

How the fuck would I know about rebar.

Well, tell us about your job in hospitality. But you know nothing of how the real unions are beneficial to construction workers. Nobody probably thinks maids and bartenders need a union and I definitely don’t lump maids in with what me and my coworkers do in terms of union workers. I’m removing and storing spent fuel from a nuke reactor right now. Not exactly the same as pouring drinks and changing bed sheets

I have installed duct with radiation concerns. IMO yes we need certain “certs” for certain applications. Nuclear being one of them. The huge problem I have is the way unions lobby to force privately owned businesses to use union labor. They way historically they have been corrupt and abused the funds and dues. I have no issue if someone chooses to be union or not.

Bunch of whiny union assholes. I’ll make the choice if my project requires the discipline and rigor of a union or not.

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Mechanics, electricians, plumbers etc absolutely should. I don’t want some idiot with no idea what they’re doing fixing my car or electric. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Jeezus, I already hate that this is gonna be Yet Another Ignorant Union thread instead of what OP is asking about.

To get back on track, depends on the trade, of course; obviously stand up comics don’t need certification. That said, what works best for what you’re generally asking is a private trade organization that sets standards & testing, & if there are safety/health concerns that imply/require government oversight above beyond general OSHA rules, the relevant government should hire someone qualified by said private organization to provide said oversight.

Government example: NFPA = private trade organization for fire professionals; NFPA 1 = their national fire code that government had no part in designing; fire marshals = professionals certified by the NFPA but hired by governments to inspect & enforce NFPA 1, etc.

Non government example: SBE = private trade organization for broadcast engineers; CBTE = their TV engineer certification that government had no part in designing, enforced by hiring standards at virtually every station in the country.