Should you get permits for renovations?

Thinking of finishing the basement and putting a new back deck on the house. According to the city these all require a permit. The permits themselves are cheap but I've heard they can increase your taxes as they'll raise your assessed value. Any truth to that? Phone Post 3.0

Yes, it will give the county assessor the value by which you're increasing your property and they will adjust your taxes.

If it's just a small remodel and all contained in the inside, I would probably do it without a permit. Are you self-performing the work? Phone Post 3.0

If you don't get a permit they can make you tear everything down. Don't take any chances and just get it.

My father built a shed on his property in upstate ny only to come back the next weekend and find it destroyed lol.
The next one he built he filed for a permit and sure enough the next weekend it was still there.

Do it! I had a deck built on the back of my house with the help of ex girlfriends dad who was a carpenter. I was told i didn't need one as it wasn't attached to house. Its over a certain height so that info was bullshit.

Long story short...i have a bitchy little asshole renting my house who called the city when i denied a request. They found no permit for i had to draw up plans for their approval...which there are some issues... (best case lagging into house for support...worst case taking it apart so i can put in concrete piers) so far i have had to pay double the normal permit price cause it was built already.

Just get the permit...especially if you think you are going to rent it later. Phone Post 3.0

I agree it depends on the size of the remodel.

We finished our unfinished basement, turning it into real living space and we didn't pull any permits. However, when it came time to get our house appraised, we needed the permits for the additional space (doubling the size of the house really) to count in the appraisal.

So, we pulled permits. Then, we were locked in a cycle of having the inspector check everything out, tell us what wasn't right, fixing those complaints, and then repeat, because just about every time he came by, he found something new. It was a huge pain in the ass. But, in the end, we're up to code, we have our Change Order, and our taxes went up only a little bit, much less than I expected.

I'm not sure how your county does it but where I live the county will reevaluate your entire property not just add on for work done. For example, if your paying taxes on an old evaluation that has your house worth 300k but todays value is 450k you'll enjoy a nice tax hike.

You should probably still get permits though. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks for the advice! I figured there'd be a few horror stories. Might as well do it right the first time I guess. Phone Post 3.0

Pull the proper permits, hillbilly.

Mark Phone Post 3.0