Shoulder damage

Hello, I am Nick. I am an amatuer fighter. Unfortunately, I had a recent monkeywrench thrown into my training/fighting. My cousin slammed me for no f*cking reason and I landed on my shoulder and damaged it. My shoulder almost touched my other shoulder and it hurts. It has been about a month now. It has gotten better. I can still train, work out, etc. It is just when I grapple that my shoulder gives me any aggrevation. Though it doesn't hurt as much, it still hurts. I was wondering what I should do about my shoulder. It seems to be getting better, but just not as fast as I wish it would. I guess I'm just paranoid about losing one thing that means so much to me in life, mma. Please give me any information/suggestions about shoulder injury and how to heal them. Thanks again,

Shoulders are very sensitive and you should go to the doctor right away.  If there's muscle, cartilage or ligiment damage, you don't want it going unfixed.  It will get real bad as time goes on. 

sounds like what i had a torn superior glendoid labrum. Takes surgery and to fix and about 6 months of rehab.

Thanks guys for the help. My cousin has a testicle shot coming. I was slammed ala Rosey's finisher from WWE. That's how I landed on my shoulder. I turned so my head wouldn't strike the ground. I have basic jujutsu training. It's just I didn't know he was slamming me. I thought he was spinnin me and was gonna let me to my feet(he's done that before)or let me down slow after jokingly building up speed, but instead he slammed me. So, I had no time to really roll other than the way I did. I have had my shoulder looked at. The doc told me that my tendons and ligaments were stretched to an extreme. I truly appreciate the help and support! Is there anything that I can do to speed up the recovery? Also, about how long will it take for my shoulder to recover? Thanks again.
----that guy named Nick

  1. Get it assesed.
  2. Train but rest the joint, I have done both my sholders ,ac joint and rotor cuff, 3.If you give it sufficient rest it will take 3-4 months to get better, sorry bro if you train in this stuff you gona get hurt, you have to except that.