shoulder impingement

i'm looking for any advice or info from people that have had shoulder impingements or treated them....bascially, what has helped, be it nutrition, PT, etc...

my right shoulder has an impingement, and i had a cortisone injection about 2 months ago. while that helped, i aggravated it since then doing lateral raises. right now i'm taking a moderate dose of fish oil, and icing twice a day, and working around the injury. ideally, i'd like to rest it more, but i'm fat and out of shape and tired of it...

i'm thinking i might pick up some glucosamine/gelatin type product today as well.

any luck/input?

I have the same. Some far 3 quaterzones (can't have any more) fish oli and a bit off a lay of from boxing. Pain has now moved into bicep aswell. May be a sign of bicep tendinitis. I would not recommend too many quarterzones as the pain will come back. MRI scan is the way to go. Hope u get sorted I know what a arse it can be! Phone Post

I started doing alot of pec stretches and it seemed to help A LOT.

I had shoulder issues that I couldnt work through. The MRI showed I had a type 3 tear of my Labrum. Surgery and PT fixed me up. Need to do the left shoulder next. I would advise getting the Dye in the shoulder if you get an MRI since the first scan didnt show the tear.

zhooshiutzu - I started doing alot of pec stretches and it seemed to help A LOT.

my pecs are actually quite flexible...when i worked with a PT a while back, she said that was casuing some of my issues. front too lose, back too tight...

good advice for others, though!

FYI, i picked up some glucosmine/MSM/chondroiten tablets and some Nutrajoint gelatin mix, so i started that yesterday, in addition to icing my shoulder 2-3 times a day, and fish oil.

yeah, terrible posture...

my plan is to add in some rows, external rotation, and stuff like that slowly. right now the rotator stuff actually hurts, but i think it'll be worthwhile down the road...

yeah, so it looks like i'm gonna be talking to my doc about a referral to a orthpedist.... i have sharp, stabbing pain when i raise my arm to the front or side.

lesson learned: just go to the doc instead of trying to work through it.

Got the same thing going on now.Ice,stim,no pressing movements for a while,ibuprofin.My chiro really digs in there with his fingers.When I return to pressing movements he says to lessen the amount of pressing with regular grip and mix in neutral grip using dumbells.

The problem in when wrestling/grappling pushing is involved as it is in punching.Makes it difficult to work around.I have had this on and off the years but am trying to be smarter about healing it as I get older.Rotator cuff work is important in rehab and prevention.

have you had any MRI's or had to look at surgery? also, what dose ibuprofen, and did you look at stuff like Celebrex?

The most I take is 600mg ibuprofin but many take 800.Start out with 400 and see if it does the trick,if not go up in dosage.

 If you have a tear or something MRI's are the best way to tell, and worth doing first

if its nothing noticable damage wise in a scan, check out rolfing, did wonders for me, problem is tho not everyones problems are caused by the same cause, but I had lots of different therapists and I didnt relaly get great results..