Shoulder pain, rotator cuff?..

Thanks for taking the time to read this thread and I'll make it as brief as possible.

Wednesday March 3rd I was rolling hard with a higher ranked belt, got put into a north south kimura. I was tapping but he sort of cranked it and didnt feel me tapping. It hurt a bit from what I can remember, I was able to adjust, get out and continued rolling for the rest of class. It was something that hurt 1/10 but didn't stop me from rolling hard on the 4th, 5th, and 6th.

On March the 8th, we did drills that finished with kimura from the back and my partner was putting a little more into it than he should have, but I didn't feel any pain. I rolled pretty hard for around 2 hours where nobody attacked that arm except maybe an armbar or two, went home with a bit of pain, like 1.5/10 in that same shoulder.

Rested, woke up the next day and its about a 5/10. didn't train, put ice on it and rested.

Today now its a 6.5-7/10 and I couldn't imagine rolling or even doing any pushups... all the pain is in the exterior of the shoulder and hurts if I push down on it.

I was thinking it was either a rotator cuff strain/sprain or possibly a tear?... but seeing as I was able to roll fine I didn't think it would be a tear.

Anyone have this happen and can help me with some advice other than "go to the doctor" ? lol :)

Thanks again.

i might have the same thing going on right now. i lifted for the first time in a while and may have been a little sloppy. i didnt feel anything that day. woke up the next morning and my left shoulder was paralyzed. thats an exageration but it hurt to leave it at my side or to try and lift it. id say 7/10 pain. i had to grab my shirt by my right hip with my left had (kinda like if i were wearing a sleeve) to walk to class. the pain is like a 2/10 today after some ice, icy/hot and rest. <br /><br />i hope yours is just a sore lightly strained muscle like mine and nothing serious. good luck<br /><br />id say go to the doctor like a responsible person, but i hate going

I had RC/AC shoulder joint problem. Sounds like it's the same for you. If it's the external part of shoulder, then it's not a pure rotator cuff problem.
Does your shoulder feel like it's "dead" after you train? The arm, starting from the shoulder, is just so sore that it just drops and hangs in space?

Stretch, ice, NSAIDs, rinse/lather/repeat. Chest openers in doors, behind the back should stretches, arm angels, affected arm a long the vertical plane of a wall; stretch the arm straight up like you are trying to touch the ceiling with your hand.

I hate going to the doctors as well, the last time that I had a bjj related problem in my back they told me that my lung was inflamed and gave me anti inflams and told me to stay away for a week... 2 weeks later the chiropractor fixed it over 3 sessions.

I havent been back since it started flaring up yesterday, and the chiropractor telling me a year or so ago "don't do jiu jitsu! quit! i know one guy who comes in here all the time that does that stuff and his shoulder is completely gone!" keeps chirping in my ear.

Thanks for the responses, I appreciate it.


I am a chiropractor and a BJJ black belt. Virtually all drs of any type will recommend not doing an activity that might cause additional injury to an injured area. It makes sense to them and there is a certain liability issue that would appear to require the recommendation.

But, do what you love or want to do - just try to minimize necessary risks.

AC joint sprain will cause tenderness at the top of the shoulder where the clavicle ends.

Rotator cuff injuries often cause pain in the same area, but more often near the scapula/shoulder blade and in the area of the anterior deltoid (near its insertion). It also fairly frequently causes pain adiating down towards the elbow.

Often a trauma injures more than one thing. Soft tissue injuries often don't hurt (or don't hurt as much) at the time of injury. They tend to hurt more over the next day or two.

Most chiropractors treat nonspinal injuries, as well as, spinal injuries.

Good luck with your recovery and you may end up needing to get it checked out if it persists.