Shoulder pain

I am getting pain in my shoulders from grappling, usually after the second session of grappling on consecutive days.

My schedule does not allow me to space out my workouts, so I have to train two days in a row, once a week.

How can I get rid of the pain without resting?

ICE,ICE BABY.Maybe some ibuprofen.

Thanks, CoreNobody.

Are there any exercises I could or should be doing that would help?

Scott Sonnon's "Warrior Wellness" and "Bodyflow" have fixed my shoulder issues and I no longer get sore after grappling sessions.  Here's a link:

Daily practice of Warrior Wellness will do what you need.  Bodyflow 2-4x weekly on your own will do a lot for your grappling when you go to class.  Have fun!

Thanks, guys. :)