Shoulder Prehab Program, free

As part of our continuing efforts to share the most exciting prehab and post-rehab fitness system ever created - Circular Strength Training, I'm going to be sharing a FREE monthly video blog.
This first installment features my personal CST Shoulder Prehab Program which I developed to protect myself and my athletes against the rigors of Sambo submission fighting. I created these exercises specifically to prevent injury in the most potentially damaging sport to the shoulders: Sambo. So, if it helps Sambo fighters stay strong, supple, and pain and injury free, it can help everyone!

I look forward to reading your results with my CST Shoulder Prehab Program!

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If you have requests for future topics, don't hesitate. We have a long list of items we'd like to cover, but suggestions are always welcomed!

Thanks, Scott

LOVE IT!!! I recently dislocated my shoulder. Went to the doc he said surgery was the way to go. Don't have the $$$. So I have been working with a great stregnth coach to avoid surgery to tighten up the whole joint. This is a MUST add to my routine.  I have not done any exercises that have got that deep into my shoulder!!   It felt amazing!

I really appreciate that post!!!!!!!


Good stuff. Thanks.

It'd be great to see something on Hip/Glute prehab.


Thanks for the suggestion. I'll defintely make sure that my webmaster posts the hip/glute prehab program in August!



Where was this before I tore my Labrium,Bicep Tendon and Shoulder impengment. I go in for surgery soon, Boo.



you have to click on the video


Sweet, rotator cuff injuries has been a chronic problem for me. Thanks.

Meh, my left shoulder slips out of socket when i raise it like the first exercise showed. Guess that means that ones out, lmao.




Thanks Scott, hip/glute stuff would be great.