Shoulder Press?

How do YOU do it? Barbell or Dumbells?

What's your 1rm?

I mix it up. Currently using bb. Never tried to see 1 rep max Phone Post

Both. 135 bb, I weigh 160ish. Never maxed with a DB.

I prefer DB's just because of previous shoulder problems make the DB more comfortable, but I've used both. Never maxed in either.

I've DB maxed at 95 pounds (each), never tried BB. I weight about 220ish

Barbell for heavy work. 1rm right now is 165

Dumbells for light/moderate work, 8-15 rep range

Both but prefer barbell. The most I've done is 145 for a few reps (seated) at a bodyweight of 180. Phone Post

In my twenties with a few less injuries Shoulder press was one of my best exercises. @167 I could behind the head press 185 for six reps or 80lb dbs for three. I used to get tons of shit from people about how bad those were for my shoulders  but I never started to have problems until after I stopped doing them.  Now my shoulder flexability is garbage and even benching is hard until I am well warmed up.

I use bb primarily.. maybe do some lighter weight higher reps w/ dbs

right now i just did 150lbs for 1 rep and i weight 165lb

been working on it big time using wendler 5 3 1


Barbell press 165
Push press or jerk 205
Kettlebell press 88

Me: 185

for db i work out with 105's, 3 sets of 5. for bb i do behind the neck press with a smith machine with 2 plates on each side.

Barbell. Would try db but my gym doesn't have many.

When I started lifting a 2 months ago my max was 130. On my third cycle of 5/3/1 now so my unofficial max is 140 but I'm sure it's higher since I hadn't done any lifting in 5 years before I started this, I just haven't retested it yet.

 I use everything.

Barbell - Dumbbell - Cable Machine - Smith Machine - Selectorized Machine