Shoulder Problems?

I have some basic problems with my right shoulder. I've separated my AC joint a couple of times. I went to sports Doc and he said I had an impingement. It hurts like a MF'er when I throw a baseball still, after months of P/T. Any suggestions?

they said i needed surgery, i just swim alot and do the exc. they showed me at theraphy and it feel great..

I've been to the ortho. surgeon many times about this. I too have impingement in both of my shoulders. The only thing that helps me is not doing anything. F that! I lift weights, train Muay Thai, etc and deal with the pain.

Try natural anti-inflamitories like pineapple (high in Bromelain), fish oil, ginger etc. Also certain exercises like seated rows help pull your shoulders back which may increase the space between your bursa and tendons.