Shouldn't Eat Soy Products?

Does anyone have any scientific information as to the negative effects of eating soy products? I've heard that men should stay away from soy. Is there any truth to this?

It depends, I've read articles both pro and con.

Todd, do you eat soy products?

I occasionally have a Xyience breakfast bar.

I'm allergic to casinate (it's in cow's milk) and i've been taking in soya milk for awhile and i don't have bitch tits, so, for me, it's all good.


haha, i'll post some pics of my titties later.

i heard that soy inhibits thyroid function. not inhibit in a way that it stops working, but in a way that it inhibits it as to slow down your metabolism.

Evils of Soy

Soy is Still Bad Protein

Poison Protein

I really don't understand all this bullshit against soy.  Japanese have been eating it for a long time in much larger quantities than us and have routinely been one of the healthier countries.  I had a good site that debunked a lot of the negative myths about soy (just as good a site as t-nation, anyway), but having trouble finding it.