Shouldn't Edgar be in p4p discussions?

Everyone talks about Penn being one of the p4p greats for fighting and having success above his natural weight class. However seems like a lot of those same people discount Frankie Edgar's achievements. Isn't Edgar's run at lightweight just as impressive or even more impressive since he was continually fighting significantly larger top of the division fighters? Phone Post

I think that his style and lack of finishing (outside Maynard) is what keeps him out. Sonce losing to Bendo twice he has dropped off most P4P lists. Let's see how he does against Aldo...

Your answer is in your post. Frankie is hated because he dared to beat the deity BJ. Don't expect people here to have a favorable opinion of Frankie for doing that. They hate on one of the nicest and talented guys in the sport because of it.

maybe in 3 years. Kid needs more time in the game. Too early for that now

LilBrockonmychest - 

As a champ he was 2-2-1.  I wouldn't say that's a run to get you in the p4p talks.

The reason he can still be mentioned in the p4p talks is that he could have arguably been given the decisions on his losses and draw.

GSP believes that and also gives him even more credit for cutting zero weight. It's kind of like if BJ won his fights against Diaz and George at welterweight.

LilBrockonmychest -

Well if you're going to say he could have been given decisions on his losses and draw, you should probably bring up the fact that he never should have got the decision in the first BJ fight and therefore would have have been champion in the first place. 

Fact of the matter is GSP, Anderson, JBJ, and JDS are absolutely running through competition and dominating the divisions.  Frankie has never been capable of doing that.  If you're only good enough to eek out split and majority decisions in nearly every fight, you're not much better than the rest of the division, if at all.

You miss the point. Those guys you mention are fighting in their natural weight class. Frankie has been fighting above his natural weight class all this time Phone Post

i think its pretty clear that he won atleast 3, if not 4 rounds against bendo in the rematch, who clearly outweighed him significantly. Hes definitely still up there in the p4p for me.

LilBrockonmychest -

As a champ he was 2-2-1.  I wouldn't say that's a run to get you in the p4p talks.

Again, what is BJ's record at welterweight?

You clearly discount the fact that Edgar is fighting much larger opponents. Phone Post

Sure, if a few decisions went his way that didn't. Same could be said though that he didn't deserve the win that got him the title in the first place however - the whole nature of his close-decision wins puts the whole thing into a haze, unfortunately. Which is a shame, because Edgar really is a special talent.

Just goes to show though - you're really at the mercy of the judges in MMA.

I don't think he was ever discussed as one of the best P4P ever. More like current p4p fighter.