Should've been the main event...

Karo vs. Alves, no doubt.

It's going to be f-ing insane. It's a great style match-up and Karo deserves the attention.

This fight is going to be epic IMO. I have a lot of respect for both fighters' and think that it hasn't gotten it's just do.

Karo has been on a roller coaster ride w/ dealing w. the UFC and I just hope he gets his shot if he can get past Thiago.

I agree that it could be a show stealer, but Lauzon vs. Florian is more of a sure thing. That fight will definitely be sick. The Karo vs. Alves fight has all the potential in the world but is a higher risk of being a let down.

I know they got the % vote on Sherdog, but F*ck all that newb sh*t. This fight is going to be a war.

No offense to Joe, which I know posts here all the time and we love U for it.

^^Stylistally, they don't shut each other down.

Plus, I've never seen Karo not bring it.

He's truly one of the best pressure fighters' in the game.

Most of their worry about it being main event would probably be off of his fights against Burkman And Chonan.

Somehow I've never seen Karo's fight against Diego. I should probably check that fight out.

I've never seen a "dud" Karo Parysian fight.

Karo beat Diego, IMO.

2-1 Karo, and that's w/ out complaining about being thumbed in the eye!

karo "the decision" parysian should not be in the main card above kenny and joe.

Immaculata, you got something against the little guys?

Next time i see you you're getting a kick to BOTH shins!

Main event SHOULD be Florian vs. Pellegrino or Edgar.

Hey Timmy, I didn't see U at the Florian Seminar when he was in Chi-town.


War Karo!!!

I look forward to watching Karo fight just as much as any fighter in MMA.


lost alot of fans after that show