should've bet on rose

i was thinking about putting some money on her, damnit. I thought paige should've pressured her from the very start but it just show that her clinch game is good against lesser competition. Awesome performance by rose

Me too and now I regret it. I was expecting Paige's pressure to be more effective. My luck if I bet Rose she would have got ko'd in 30 seconds Phone Post 3.0

Put money on her winning and also winning by submission. Made a tidy sum. Phone Post 3.0

I put money on her as soon as I found out she was the underdog. PVZ is nothing but a brawler. I knew Rose would win me some sweet underdog cash. Phone Post 3.0

More than doubled my money on her, only bet I won tonight, but it kept me in the black for the night Phone Post 3.0

No disrespect here but I think Rose is a true bad ass moreso than PVZ is trained fighter. Both will get better from this.

Won big tonight! On rose, Chiesa, Ponzonibbio by ko in Rd 1 and Means via ko in rd 2 Phone Post 3.0

Motherfuck. I had rose winning by KO at 900 and a safety net bet of Rose winning by decision at 500....

Turns out she won via submission FML Phone Post 3.0

;) Phone Post 3.0