Shout out to Piccolo. He was a real dad

Piccolo is Gohan’s dad, not Goku.

All time great black TV father.


Thought you were referring to Brian Piccolo


So did I

Lmao Piccolo was Gohan’s real dad for sure.

Even in the Tournament of Power, Gohan had this plan where they all stick and fight together. When it started Goku left immediately. And left Gohan with Piccolo the whole time haha

If his dick gets cut off he can just grow it back what a badass

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You know he feeds his cucumber in to chichi

He raised Gohan.

Goku was a shitty dad, no secret there. Shit at least Vegeta stuck around even if he was an asshole.

Krillin was a little faggot

That’s straight facts B

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Vegeta was best.

we had a gr8 poster here s/n piccolo