SHOVEL GIRL: Must See Video - Girls MMA!

Blue please embed! If you have not seen this video it is an instant classic viral video that will live in infamy!

It is well worth getting through the first few stupid minutes to get to the fight and the unbelievable conclusion. Hysterical Hillbillies!

The contrast between the almost friendly banter about random subjects between the two girls to shovel girl getting 5 clean shots to the face on the girl in black and everything thing in between is absolutely hysterical. It's like a real life hill billy version of Mean Girls. lol

It's on here teamwuestfan. Nonetheless, I would embed if I weren't on iPhone and too dumb to figure it how.

It's worth the watch

There is also a thread on here with some pics of her that are uncomfortably fappable Phone Post 3.0

Is this the full vid? Can anyone please explain what the fucking the whole chicken coop thing is about? Phone Post 3.0

Thread called "I'd plant my seed in the shovel fight victim" has pics Phone Post 3.0