show in guam on OCT 30th?

I just took a fight in guam for the 30th.

I do not know who is putting it on, I have to get to 165 so I am thinking its shooto?

I will find out in a couple days for sure, but just wondering if you guys have some info on the show.

I took the fight not knowing much, cause I like to fight of course (and I am gettin old) but also I heard Guam is fun as hell with great strip bars!

Very important to find out what the local party scene is like when taking fights.

Old man Wrecker


Oct 30
FCFFURY its a good event. Held in a cage :)
nothing to do with shooto..its NHB pride type rules.
do you know who you are fighting? whats your name and stats? the partying is good after very east to find where the party is.. just ask the 'Promoter' ;)..


Reggie Cardiel

3-0 at welterweight

2-3-1 against mw-hvy

I just know I am fighting a japanese guy, talking to Kai tommorrow for more info.

at 165

Fury is a MMA event put on by local promoter(s). the scene started out with Superbrawl santioned by Shooto. The locals finally got smart and put up their own shows. Now we have two promoters putting on shows several times a year. We've had Chris Brennan's Next Generation, Marc Laimon's Cobra Kai, Enson Inoue's Purebred International, 808 Fight Factory, Jesus Is Lord, Grappling Unlimited's, etc. participation in our events. The island has Purebred, Cobra Kai, Relson Gracie and Carlson Gracie affiliated gyms. The locals are looking to get on the MMA international map with fighters and/or events. Several big names have fought here and other's are interested in coming out to fight and surf.

the promoters host their guest/fighters great as well as the local people do. Locals always support the local fighters in combat but after all is done and said, outsiders are still treated great as guest.

The strip joints are great. Crazy things happen for a dollar and the girls aren't even ghetto sleazy. Almost want to eat that sushi if you know what I mean. and the after party is just as good.

Welcome, take care of your business then let it go and enjoy yourself.


hopefully you arent fighting TETSUJI KATO..

if so..


any info you need about guam..

shoot me an e-mail

i can help..


who's Kai? Are you talking about Kai from Hawaii? Are you fighting out of Hawaii? If so, several fighters from Hawaii can fill you in. I believe Harris Sariemento and Ed Newalu are on the fight card but if you're there, you know that already. BTW, did Harris win or lose in KOTC. ADCOMBAT News wrote two different results for him.

Harris won impressively, can't remember how exactly.

I am fighting Hirashi?

Looks like I get filled in on monday from Kai, guy has one fight that he won is all I know.

Thanks for the info guys.

might be arashi..

i hear Ed Newalu is fighting Melchors nephew..

I'll be there

Can somoene give me the E-mail of the promoter in Guam, I have alot of fighters inclding Joe "diesel" Riggs that would love the trip. Trevor Lally (AZCOMBATSPORTS.COM)

nova 1 have you seen arashi fight?
Is he a local or from a japan school?

Arashi fought here in Guam in the last event a couple of monthes ago. It was his first pro fight and he fought a local with no experience. Ya know, da kine that says "I can do that." It was over before it got started.

I believe Arashi was a "C" class shooto fighter out of Purebred Japan. I may be wrong about "C" class shooto fighter but he definitely has some time training or just some serious training partners and trainer. He's under Enson so that may say it all.

4Guam has fokai'ed the correct..

Trevor.. You got mail

THANKS 4guam, wonder how long he has been with enson?

Heard he has good wrestling, highschool, or college level? or just mma training?

If this trip goes through it sounds awesome, fight and sisghtseeing and strip bars.

Guam will be fun, worry about the fight