Show me the best cage fight ever

What is the best example of athleticsism and technique in ultimate cage fighting?

I am serious, I would like to see the best of the best.

What fight should I watch?

stop trolling.

what is this ultimate cage fighting?

My favorite cage match is definitely Bret Hart vs Owen Hart from Summerslam 1994.

Tait Fletcher vs MIke Nichols

Sylvia/Arlovski V

Cleopatra you are an idiot.

I cant find the other two on the internet. Why would the same guys fight 5 times anyway? That seems pretty dumb to me.

Three words: Fi er works. The technical brilliance of Sylvia and the iron-jawed endurance of Alovski is always a delight.

Where can I find it 2JupitersToomany? I have been searching google but cant find it anywhere.

Randy / Pedro 1?

Royce Vs. Kimo?

Sweetscience have you ever fought in a no rules fight or has there always been someone to stop and break you up in the clinch?

Sorry, my trollish friend, but this link will keep you warm while you search:

paging Dr. Kevorkian

You actually try and say how great and professional this "sport" is and you that is your idea of a good website?

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GEEZ LOUISE!!!! You call pulling the guys hair like that the best example of talent and skill? That is a disgrace!!!

Not in a cage, but Nog v Sapp is a pretty epic match. It was one of my go to's when i was interested in converting people

fedor v. nog 3

fedor v. nog 1

fedor v. coleman

Your posts don't add up.

1a) You say you have no respect for MMA

b) You spend the last two days on the UG

2a) You say you're a boxing fan

b) You praise Tommy Morrison?

You have to be a troll. It's the only explanation.

Shogun vs. Rogerio owned

Karo vs. Diego or Diaz

Bottom line is it's like any sport. Some fighters are better than others. Sometimes the fights turn into slugfests. That says nothing about MMA as a sport and it shouldn't discredit the skilled athletes.