Show me your Halloween displays! (animatronics and more)

Dude, that’s awesome!!!

So I see a fog machine on the left (looks like 1000 watts) so I’m assuming it gives off a lot of fog.

Here’s an easy hack to keep the fog on the floor instead of just dissipating into the air. Get a 3 inch PVC pipe about 5 feet long and stuff it end to end with frozen water bottles. Then put the fog machine on one side and let it blow the fog into the pvc. As the fog moves through the pvc it cools it so the fog stays low to thr ground instead of going straight up in the air.

The good news is you could hide the PVC behind your inflatable in the back so that nobody trips over it and you will have low laying fog.

There are more elaborate ways to build a fog chiller but since your party is tonight that’s the quick and dirty way to get low fog.



Nice! It was really all over the place last night. I’ve got some PVC. So I’m definitely going to try it.

Very cool!

So, anyone score anything after Halloween?

I did alright, picked up a Shorty animatronic and Wacky Mole from Spirit and the jester from Home Depot.

Also got the whole electronic display from Spirit with the countdown clock.


Wacky Mole:

Jester from Home Depot:

Countdown display:

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Only 361 days till next Halloween and these dudes will come back out to play.

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I went to a local Spirit on Nov 2 for 50% off… got a couple of the vintage masks (the devil and the vampire)… got my son the Ghostbusters PKE reader… my daughter the Camp Crystal Lake diary book… and the wife one of the light blue tutu for “fun time”…

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Damn! I love the Trick or Treat dude

Pics or it didn’t happen!!!

Yeah, Sam is the shit. I have a flaming pumpkin that I put next to him. Looks great.

you really dont want to see it… I look terrible… not sure why she likes it so much.

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Go on…

Just ordered this motherfucker for next years display!!!

That one is dope. Where do you keep all your stuff at when it’s not Halloween?

Also you ever think about leaving one of them clowns out year round and just decorating him fir different holidays and Mormon deterrent?

Most take up one of the bays in my garage. Shit is overwhelming that footprint at this point so may have to rethink that strategy.

Was gonna leave the 12 foot skeleton up and just dress him up for different holidays (Santa, Cupid, Uncle Sam etc) but when taking down everything I realized that the storm that blew through a few days before Halloween fucked up the metal base to him and snapped one of the anchor points. Gotta weld it when I get a minute but shits been busy.

God dammit. I think I have a problem.

Got a coupon for free shipping plus some money off. Thinking of pulling the trigger on this fucker:

Nah. Not enough going on there. Funny though.

NC, make some of your own shit. Part of the fun. I have a harbor freight store and a tractor supply within a few miles of my house. They have all you need to make some cheap scary shit. I need to up the smoke and Lazer game next year, going to make it good. Want smoke everywhere.

I was thinking of Halloween this morning… we have a massive party every year for all the kids… we had to last minute cancel last year bc my daughter had to spend a week at the childrens hospital. So Im thinking I have to have the kids party to end all kids parties this year. Gonna have to use the front, back and side yards. Im gonna start planning now…


Was thinking about doing this. I’ve done minor builds but I’m thinking the next step up is animatronics. Having seen the innards of the spirit Halloween animatronics I have to say it would probably be pretty easy to fabricate as they are cheaply made.

Will have to check out some YouTube vids of simple animatronic builds.