Show on Kids MMA - Somewhat positive

After all the negative and erroneous coverage on Youth Pankration someone actually puts out a fair and balanced report. Unfortunately they had to come all the way from Australia !!!!
WTF is wrong with our media in America, I guess if its not negative its not worth reporting on

There is a back story to this. Someone sent a very doctored video to several state legislators who put pressure on CSAC to ban kids Martial Arts competitions. CAMO is now attempting to gain full sanctioning authority for Youth Pankration. The USFL is fighting to allow the open competitions legal as long as the rules are not full contact meaning, bouts cannot be won by injury or punishment and all techniques require restraint and control.

You cannot be a supporter of MMA without supporting a developmental league for youth. Especially one that has been vetted and proved safe and responsible.

NFL supports Pop Warner
MLB supports Little League
Boxing supports Golden Gloves of America
But MMA does not support Youth Pankration

Because of Youth Pankration, the next generation of great fighters are coming with the vast experience of hundreds of matches which exclusively require technical experience, even more so than professional and amateur MMA. These bouts cannot be won by punishment, KO's or brutality. Kids matches under these rules are virtually injury free. Points are awarded for properly applied techniques in Grappling, Wrestling and striking arts. When they turn 16 years the can incorporate more of a MMA game plan with head strikes and punishment but still milder than MMA. By that time they will be seasoned vets of the limited contact youth circuit. 12 years of data and the first generation of Youth Pankration fighters are now Pros, coaches, referees and successful people in the Martial Arts community. Just wait for this 2nd generation of kids !