Show UG'er DaCrippler some love

All of us have seen his threads.

"X vs X fights 2day"

Or the variant of: "X vs X fights 2morrow"

The man is up to date with almost every MMA fight happening all around the world and he is always there to remind us! Yet we barely show him no love!

Just learned thanks to his latest thread that Killa-B fights tonight and then I realised that he is a little over 100 VU's. That's a travesty.

Crips my men, let this thread be a token of our gratitude to your never ending fight reminder threads.

Chime in and post something different than "Whats your pick?" And let the VU's pile up.

All love. Phone Post 3.0

Sorry DaCrippler...

:( Phone Post 3.0

Why don't you just go suck him off. Phone Post 3.0

The Baldfather - Why don't you just go suck him off. Phone Post 3.0

I thought that was your job


Thanx for the info every time Crippler! Phone Post 3.0

I'll suck him off if you guys don't. The man never fails to remind me of interesting fights...and he's been doing it for years! Phone Post 3.0

Hey all, chill the fuck out. I'm the op so i've got the primary blowing off rights. Phone Post 3.0