SHOWDOWN:coast2coast (almost)

We are happy to say that all things Showdown will be in B.C. this weekend at Shut Up and Fight AND at the Ontario Submission Wrestling Invitational in Hamilton Ontario.

Hope to see many new faces out west and hope the grappling event goes well. Good luck to all the competitors across the country as it will be a great weekend for Canadian Combat Sports (Johnson Vs. Klitschko also).

Canada kicks ass!!

Showdown needs something to happen in Newfoundland this weekend; you know to keep us busy and stuff :-P

Support the Sport(s)

Mike "The Shooter's Shooter" McNeil


There must be a screech drinkin' competition going on or something ??

I can represent for Showdown if you want.... :)

It's official; JHR is Showdown's East Coast screech drinkin correspondent.

Pay = all the screech you can drink.


How do you drink the guy from Saved by the Bell??? I think I might be missing something.


Remember when Screech from "Saved By The Bell" fought Horsehack from "Welcome Back Kotter?"

Oh that was funny.

Yeah, Tank Abbott was really fat.

Vanilla Ice got his ass handed to him by Willis.

Screech was an animal that night.