showdown fightwear question

what happend to clothing line? I bought some stuff in the past and have been trying to track it down for the xmas. Got a couple ppl in my dojo i wanna hook up with some showdown gear. Thanks in advance for any help.

As far as I know Showdown fight gear and clothing is not available at this time except through people who might have bought excess stock.

Hopefully some of the guys will let us know if any new gear is available in the future.

In the meantime, please enjoy as they will have new gear coming soon.

man that sucks. Thanks for the help dougie i'll def keep checking Do you know why they closed down?

I am sure there are many reasons why things happened and they will change depending on who you talk to. In the end, it's a money thing I am sure. Hopefully the guys can work things out. It'd be a shame if they didn't because they were a great team.

they were an awesome team, always loved doing business with them. Really sucks, both great guys.

Let's not forget, in addition to the original founders, Paul and Mike were also part of the Showdown Team.

As for the reason we had to end the business, we're working with Arnold Lim on a little story.

When the showdown team was together they could turn goat pee into gasoline.

You told me that was Gatorade!!!!!

You ask too many questions Canario. Back to the mat!


handing JHR a chicken wing





Where the heck are you man?

You never call, you never write...



remembers the good ol'days


where's my mother#@$&*! magazines!!!

Tdiddy, I have a copy of the last 2 Natural mags. I will give them to you. I know it ain't showdown MMA mag but I hope it will do.