Shut-up and Fight is proud to announce the latest addition to our team Showdown Joe and JT McCarthy Both individuals will be cageside for the next three events bringing their vast experience to the announcers positions, Big Poppa Schnake will be the man in the cage as our event announcer and two of the sports finest will be showcased on our awesome dvd. These two individuals are a huge piece in the foundation of what I forsee our event being by our Aug event.This organization is filled with individuals that are committed to the sport and to showcasing the awesome talent we have in Canada so expect big things..very big things in the future
Les Dickens
Shut-up and Fight
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wow! cool!


jts the best big mouth in Canada

Good move guys!

great move guys,., Both are great guys and will make SUAF proud

Congrats !

Both are assets to the sport :)

Congrats boys! I've always been a HUGE fan of them as a team, but having only worked with JT all I can say is the guy is a total pro. Incredible wealth of knowledge, mad skills behind the mic, and funny as hell.

Joe is just Joe:) his excitement for the sport is incredibly infectious and that carries over to those of us watching at home.

holy shite!

Is this event gonna be on VHS/DVD eventually???

It is planned to have the dvd completed 2 weeks after the event and sold on the website

Finally, this thing is announced! The best to the both of you. J.T., don't start turning the place over. Somebody get this guy a fight :)

I am very, very excited about this. I'll let J.T. come on here and spill his enthusiasm, but I have wanted to check out the MMA scene out West for a very long time. I have met so many of the West's Best and have had guys like Geoff Herdman and Justin Bruckman in my ear all the time, telling me to get out there.

Thanks to Leslie and the Shut Up and Fight family, I get to experience MMA on a whole different level.

I can't wait...:)

And yes, I will avoid the Jackyl at all costs. He is quite deranged to say the least...:) And Mr. Greg Allen, from Full Contact Films, 'it's about time my friend'...:)

nice, joe and jt are real good.
i like schnake too; he's out of his mind, it's great.

Can't wait Joe... we're going to have a blast.

Congrats Joe and JT!!! Keep up the good work!

i just want Joe to say once "JESSAEESSS CHRAAAIISST!!!"


Thanks everybody !!!

Greg Allan speaks the truth, good times will be had by all !!!

I'll post a bit more later on today regarding my decision to join the Shut Up and Fight crew...I'm busy plotting and planning as we speak LOL !!!

Later guys,


Great move Les !! Congrats Joe @ J.T. !! Looks like I`m gonna have to chase after you two again just to get a shot at ya both on the pool tables.

"The Champ"