showdown joe interview

if things go according to plan i should play the whole hour long taped interview i did with joe from noon until around 1:15pm.

you guys can hopefully tune in at

Joe is a very wise, knowledgable and insightful man. Listen to him people and listen well.

I let showdown joe choose all my stock and mutual fund picks. So far I have enough money to buy a pack of bubblegum, but I have faith in Joe.

I missed it...:(

Will there be an archived sectioned I can download it from??

I have made Showdown Joe my next of kin and he will have all my money and worldly possesions when I die. Whats more, I would commit suicide if he needed the money.

i'll try and get you links to the audio soon joe, thanks:)

I remember when Show down Joe brought back power to the province of Ontario during the great blackout of '03.

You guys are killing me over here...and I thought I lost too many brain cells over the holiday

I remember when Showdown Joe saved Christmas a few years ago. Santa was sick, and Showdown Joe took over! Everything was great until he flew back to the North Pole and got it on with Mrs. Claus.

(sorry Joe, I'll stop now:)

Showdown Joe once saved the world from an evil alien species that was secretly invading the world without us knowing. Luckily Showdown Fightwear created these special glasses the helps you identify these aliens (since they look like us with regular sight), he was able to kung fu kick them off this planet and still make it in time to commentate for the old UCC!
btw, he's also one hell of a cha cha dancer too!!!


I still laugh at how the US army took almost a whole year searching for Saddam and couldn't find him while it only took Joe 20 minutes.

Joe by spiderhole 2:13 first round.