Showdown Joe Interview

I had a chance to do a short interview with Joe:

Excellent Interview....

Huge props to Showdown Joe... truly a class act.

thanks a lot BigRed.

"Huge props to Showdown Joe... truly a class act."
very true.

good read......some interesting stuff there.



Joe's the best !


Anyone else getting fed up of Showdown Joe?

LOL! :)

nicely done :)

Showdown Joe stole my lunch money, but he bet it on a horse at the races and returned it with 300% interest so I can't complain.

LOL @ Dougie.

Witty...thanks for taking the time my man. Keep up the great work.

Showdown Joe remains the undefeated, uncontested, welterweight champion of class and dedication.

Welterweight? Have you ever seen him in person?

Here it comes... :)

thanks a lot Joe, always great interviewing you!

AlexC, don't be confused by his walk-around weight, Joe cuts like a madman!

LOL...I'm currently maxxed out at LHW...and it is my wal around

When I can actually train, it takes a couple of weeks, but I then walk around at middleweight.

If my wife is busy after that, I can make Welterweight as well...:)

This is the beauty of carrying out ALOT of Water...:)

I got the Cabbage physique at middleweight down pat. :)