Showdown Joe

Taken from the showdown fightwear site:

'In addition to his efforts to legalize the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in Ontario, Joe Ferraro does color commentary for the Universal Combat Challenge (UCC), Canada's most prestigious MMA event!'

Might wanna rectify this, huh ;)

Excellent Point...we're revamping the site so it'll eventually get taken down.

Good eye though...:)

on a similar note you have in your profile ;)

JT has:

Occupation: Sports Broadcaster/Pro Fighter TKO Communications/TSN

Hey joe, jon kellett and I might be stopping by your place tomorrow for a look around


Thanks...I reworded it...:)


Have fun. Unfortunately, I do not reside in London so I won't be able to see you two...:( Have fun, and tell that Kellet to check his mail.

Freakin' hoodlum.

Joe is more a Paris man. Sometimes Madrid in the summer when the Riviera is too crowded...

The moment Joe steps foot in London the RCMP alerts me. That way I don't break the restraining order. =)

Shitty, i did not know that. I will tell him though