showdown magazine?

when is the next showdown magazine coming out? I bought a subscription for 25 bucks and so far have got 1 very small magazine about 4 or 5 months ago. I thought it was pretty good but at this rate there will be about 2 issues per year. WTF?

Showdown was purchased by Evolution MMA if I am not mistaken. They bought the name, contacts, gear and the magazine. The whole kit and kaboodle.

They have been reliable in the past with the undertakings they have done. Sometimes it just takes time though. Be patient. I bought like 5 issues, for myself and friends to support it.

I know Mike McNeil is working on the mag too and when Mike says something will happen, it will happen.


The Showdown Companies are currently reorganizing with Evolution MMA in BC taking over our operations.

This includes the gear and most importantly the new Evolution MMA Magazine, which will honour obligations to all Showdown Combat Sports Subscribers.


ttt 4 Dan and co at Showdown. Even when being sold they are class acts.

What about Gear?
Does Showdown sell any gear at all now, I called the store in Toronto on Friday and got a machine (Possibly because of the holiday). I need a couple of sets of Gloves/shinpads/headgear. Does anyone have the contact info for the Evolution people? Are they selling Showdown Quality gear? If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much. TIA

Showdown has lots of gear. However the store is in London Ontario. That might be the reason for the answering machine. Try 519-673-5895. That's the number for Grand Row/Showdown.

They still have a lot of gear left. I am sure it's all marked to go as the new Evolution gear will switch over soon. I saw some mma gloves with an evolution logo. Same great quality though.

tdiddy l think they should have informed people about what was happening with the magazines.

I think they did in the announcement. I'm pretty sure they did. That's where they talked about the purchase and the direction of the magazine as well.

Well I can't say for sure. I don't speak for any of those guys. I would imagine that the purchase and the transfer will be difficult.

I do know that SUAF would have gone off if it wasn't stopped. Also the North American ADCC trials might be taking up their time a bit as well as the new Evolution gym which just opened. Plus the Brennan seminar etc etc.

Sad to say you might have to be patient. I don't like the wait either but it's coming along and I think if we look at what they have done, are doing, and plan to do we're going to see some great stuff for this country and mma.

I suppose we gotta have some faith that good things are happening.

The clothing is ready I actually had a table at the fight card in N.Van a week ago and looks like there will be a table at the next WFF possibly I will take some pics of the clothing line and post them here. The ADCC N. American trials are being held in Vernon Sept. 18 and 19 and there will be fights that weekend as well our athletic commission hit some bumps in the road last month but I am hoping it will not effect the Sept. weekend.

Bill Mahood and Bruno set us up with there commission to help Vernon with the process which is a huge plus the hardest part is our city council has no knowledge or experience with this so it is taking a great deal of time just to get that done. So the distribution of the clothing is the last of worries right now. The gym is going well and we are looking forward to the busy season starting in Sept.

As for the magazine I don't know the details on that I have got my hands full with Sept. coming and the gym, training the fighters and managing some others.

Jason Darrah

As far as I know (and don't quote me on this), anyone who has gotten a one year subscription to the magazine will be given 2 years, once it gets up and running. Once again, don't quote me, but that's what's happening from what I've gathered.

The announcement said all subscriptions will be honoured. You'll get more than you paid for. Have some patience as the restructuring goes on.

Mike McNeil is working on it and in ALL my dealings with Mike if he says he's doing something he's working on it and it will be done.

Thank you for the responses, although my question has still not been answered. I will believe there is a new magazine and a legit company when I am sitting on the shitter reading the new issue of showdown magazine.

ttt to tdiddy shitting!

ttt for mma material you can read on the shitter!

who's handling subscriptions at Evolution? I'm a subscriber of Shodown mag and i just moved and have a new address...


The name Showdown is still attached to the best boxing and MMA gear in the country and is only going to get better. The full line is available at the Showdown store in downtown London (519-673-5895, at the old website (, and at the Evolution MMA gym in Vernon BC.
The Evolution group has purchased the Showdown company and will help to expand the availability of gear to clubs and fighters across Canada. Until the end of July, the head office remains in London, but will move to Vernon along with the majority of inventory. Until the end of time, London will still remain the hub of MMA and the best source for Evolution/Showdown products in Ontario.
In the meanwhile, there are some great package deals and sales going on so give the head office a call in London.
We'll talk to you soon...
Paul Mitchell

Paul, I spoke to Danny this morning and ordered everything I needed. Thanks For the help.

"Until the end of time?"