at Imperial Palace Resort and Casino July 17. Main Event will be for the Reality Combat Super Heavy Weight Championship Ice Cold Nathen Sanchez vs Big John Dixson. Co-Main event will be anounced this week. We will have fighters from Team Voodoo,Dixsons Dungeon and Team Garage to name a few. Tickets will be announced and will go on sale this week. For more information please contact me at
or 985-768-0411

If you would like to compete at this show or our next show that will be in Houma LA Aug. 28 please contact me.

Reality Combat is the First and Longest Running MMA promotion in LA or MS.

bringing me in this summer rich? hope all is well man, great seeing you in jersey. good luck if you get into that lw tourney for that promotion later this year.

What up Brian would love to have you back again. Im already slated for Jersey. What do you have coming up?


Who is "Team Garage"?

How much are tickets/tables? Will there be alcohol (besides beer)?

TTT is this Sanchez's first title defense?

yes this is nathan's first title defense

dixson will beat sanchez

Yes Danny there will be a full bar!!!!!!!!!

i'm in illinois visiting long lost family and friends. it's been fun. leaving sat. afternoon so i can get back to train and make some money. nothing scheduled, not sure how much my name has been thrown out by my "management" for anything, so i may have to get back into the business side myself, again.


ttt for rich clemente

like aol says


ttt for Big John Dixon and Reality Combat


Great Poster!!!


Thanks Gabe it's just a ruff version.

Looks great. Can't wait to see that battle!!