Showdown muay Thai shorts!!!!

New Showdown website V.4 is coming soon!


I love the pics of Mahood and Kang.

Thanks Nathan..... the boys were hating me for making them stand still for so long.... look at Bill's expression.... He was ready to ground and pound me.... :)

Huge thanks again to Joe and the guys at Showdown for hooking us up with all of the awesome gear.

I like to wear my Showdown shorts while working out. They're greaaaaat!


I like to wear my Showdown shorts while eating Chicken wings.

They're stain proof !!


I should wear my shorts tommorow night then...I might be spilling quite a bit of things during the game...:)

Man, those look awesome! That's some first-rate short-making, Showdown team.

I also wear my fight shorts


I went down to showdown the other day and when I walked in Dan and Paul each had a pair of showdown fight shorts on their head and were leaping from desk to tables with toy lightsabres in their hands.

Paul had the shorts pulled down over his face and was looking through the leg holes and breathing heavy and telling Dan, "Luke, I am your father!"

To which Dan screamed, "Nooooooo!" and then Paul shoved a slurpee cup on Dan's hand.

As Dan was falling to the floor Mike came flying in the door on a Big Wheel with the words "Millieum Falcon" written on the side in marker and wearing boxing headgear. Esfiha was on the back of it and he caught Danny and they drove away to the storage room while Paul shook his fist in the air and screamed, "Rebel scum!" and Esfiha looking back making wookie noises.

At this point I left. Those guys scare me.


If you say that Joe Ferraro was in the next room wearing Princess Leia's gold bikini I'm burning all my showdown gear....


"I bent my Wookie"

Joe is always wearing Princess Leia's outfit. My fav is the flowing white gown.

I'm Boba Fett anyway.

Joe does look kinda cute with 2 danishes on either side of his head and a hare krishna robe...

** Mental Note: Add Mike, JHR and Dougie to Hitlist **

** Mental Note: Photoshop Joe's head onto Princess Leia...


**mental note - stop spraying canned cheese into my underwear**

shorts look great ttt for Showdown