showdown sucked

on the grappling side of things...most unorganized debacle i've ever experienced. Sitting in bleachers for 13 hours doing absolutely nothing then having to spring right up and hop on the mat for A SINGLE elimination tourney is the worst idea ever. Not to mention the weight classes got all screwed up and it was $45 to enter.

The tournament was not run well and was quite surprised they allowed neck cranks, slams, can-openers. I was even more surprised they allowed it for juniors. The promoter took on a bit more than he expected putting on two shows (BJJ & Kickboxing). Am grateful he tried to put on a BJJ tournament; would like to see more people step up. Just please go by the rules posted on the web.

hey "Your Arsonist"

you had posted about trainin in Greenville/Washington

did you get your information??

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