showdown team

Thanks guy Christmas just came a little early. Best wishes for the new year.
Bill Mahood and the PG Fight Club

ttt for Showdown !

Never heard of you....

Joe, It's me Jason ??

Stalker/Fan/Gigalo ??

Ring a bell ??

Shit !

Sorry, your talking about Bill...




Joe ??Does this ring a bell ??Anything ??;)

Hey Joe, Merry Christmas !!My gift to you is in the mail !hehe :)

You are one bad mofo JHR !! ;)

Beware the unibrow !!!

Bwahahaha...I hate you!

Did you get my email mofo ??

My hotmail sucks arse...

Glad you received everything, Bill! It is a proven fact that Canadian heavyweights fight better when they wear Showdown...
Beer and sandwiches are on me next time at Sir Winston Churchill's; we'll let the cell phone calls from out east provide the entertainment...

Did the Showdown fight shorts in medium come in yet?