Showtime Chimes In On Free Agency

PFL lightweight star Anthony Pettis believes fighters should be more open to fighting outside the UFC.

‘Showtime’ is set to return to action this Friday against Stevie Ray at PFL 7. The bout is set to be the semifinals of the lightweight tournament. The winner will advance to face the winner of Olivier Aubin-Mercier, and Alex Martinez for one million dollars.
The bout against ‘Braveheart’ is set to be the 35-year-old’s fifth under the PFL umbrella. He signed with the promotion in 2020, after nine years in the UFC. During his time in the promotion, he scored massive wins and earned the lightweight title in 2013.

The decision to walk away from the UFC wasn’t an easy decision for Anthony Pettis. However, testing free agency was the best decision for himself, and he believes others should. Pettis reflected on his UFC departure in an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.
The lightweight star discussed how he believes fighters should look out for themselves more. Pettis also opined that many athletes are addicted to the fame that the UFC brings them. Due to that, many don’t look elsewhere, despite their lackluster pay.

“I’ve got fighters that will say no to more money just to get on The Contender Series. You can’t really do anything,” he said. “You’re like, ‘Dude, this is guaranteed money – you can still build yourself and build your career – if that’s what makes sense for your career, then go to that.’ But I think eventually, once the general public stops pushing that on fighters, then we’ll see fighters making different decisions.” (h/t MMAFighting)

Anthony Pettis continued, “…I think the fame that comes with fighting in the UFC, these fighters are addicted to that. They want that more than the guarantee. They’re like, I’m willing to risk not getting paid a certain amount to get the fame that comes with it and the recognition that comes with fighting on a UFC fight card… But as fighters, you’re supposed to take care of yourself. Most guys don’t get to fight as long as I got to fight.”

Why are they running this fight back? Didn’t he just lose to Stevie basically a month ago?

That was the regular season and now it’s into the playoffs. Pettis ended up as the #1 seed of the season and Ray the #4 seed. The winner will go on to fight the winner of #2 vs #3 for the championship.

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So Ray beats Pettis but somehow Pettis winds up #1 and Ray #4?

None of this shit makes any sense to me.

I don’t understand PFL. Should be a simple concept.

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Good Example

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Finishes are scored higher than decisions. The earlier the finish the more points you get.

Pettis went 1-1 and got a first round finish

Ray went 1-1 and got a second round finish



And the other two went 2-0 but by decision so they’re lower seeds than Pettis who had a first round finish.

There are some aspects of it that are dumb. Getting finished as Pettis did in his loss should count against him more.


This part seems pretty dumb.

I understand the weighting but to rank undefeated fighters lower than someone 1-1 seems dumb.


Technically Pettis and the two undefeated ones all had the same amount of points, so it was really a three-way tie for first seed.

I assume Pettis ended up as first seed from some “random” drawing of the three or something.

It doesn’t really matter about the seeding either way though. Being #1 puts him in a rematch with a guy that finished him so it’s not like it’s an advantage.

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Very true.

Maybe they need to sort it a bit better…could be more problematic another time with a different draw.

At the end of the day it is what it is. No worse than some of the old Pride tournament favouritism I guess.

Final 4 doesn’t matter too too much I guess as long as you can get the ‘best’ guys in opposite sides of the bracket for a potential finals match.

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He was looking alright until he got injured. I dont like his chances against Martinez or Mercier.

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