Showtime figter Big Perm *Video*

Kinda tough to see the footage. Perm won by KO, look for him to fight Gladiator Challenge Champion Bo Cantrell on Showtime in Feb.


It definatly needs to be one of the fights aired.

The card is looking good.

Ross Ebanez
KJ Noons
Big Perm
Bo Cantrell
The Crow
Joey Villaseneor
Renzo Gracie
Frank Shamrock

...It's a stacked card.

They must of hired the WFA film crew.

LOL...that isn't footage from the show..its from a camera and was someones in the crowd...I just found it on you tube.

Perm's the man!

"Kinda tough to see"? I couldn't see sh!t! Congrads to big perm tho. I'm shure he partied like a rock star that nite!

inf0, i think he's about 6'0, 230.

ray would know better though.

6 foot....265lbs

Oops, I was way off.


Best of luck to BP.