ShoXC results???

cant find the results anywhere, anyone have the results?

no one?

Denny beat Malaipet by DQ
Heun beat Mathias by decision

interested in the beerbohm fight....

the what???

Lyle "Fancy Pants" Beerbohm.

He won by RNC.


Malaipet lost by DQ??? what happen?

It was one of the worst shows i have ever seen.

None of you missed anything.

Beerbohm Rd 2, rnc, 3:26

Voorhess can u tell me what happen in the malaipet fight?

Tto, Denny took him done immediately, almost submitted with choke, then GNP. no offense from Mal. With the first round coming to a close, Mal kneed in head from ground and gave three elbows to back of head. DQ Some think Denny faked being unable to continue (not me). Mal claimed he didn't know rules.

Denny took Malapiet down immediately and controlled him from the top,almost gatting a rear naked,but malapiet escaped.

towards the end of the round Malapiet was getting to his feet and Denny went for another takedown,and Malapiet hit him w/3 hard illegal elbows to the back of the head and hurt him.

The ref and doctor asked Denny if he could continue,he said no.

Denny wins by DQ therefore...

how in the fuck could Mal not know the rules? I may have to watch this fight.

do you guys think he could of continue?

Not sure. He took some hard shots.

worse than aoki?

One thing no one is talking about J14,that pissed me off is that Denny basically shot in off of the opening glove touch like a scumbag.

But to answer your question,no I dont think he couldve continued.

what u mean voorhees? Like he didnt touch gloves and shot in or something?

Thomas Denny took Malipet down in under a minute got a rear naked and nearly choked out Malipet, but some how Malipet survived then got mounted by the Wildman. From there Wildman landed alot of elbows cutting Malipet around the eyes and look to be over then Malipet escaped and Wildman went for the shoot just to get elbowed three times on the back of the head/neck region. Thomas Denny by DQ

Connor Huen beat Marlon Mathias by Unam Dec- fight looked alot closer

Jamie Fletcher def Aaron Rosa by Unam Dec

Shane Del Roasiro def Anula Brush(sp?) by GnP

Oshiro also won by KO