shoXC spoiler - Oshiro & Brash

Mark Oshiro won via KO in round 1!!!

After landing a heavy left hand, Brash was taken down and GnP'd by Del Rosario in rd 1.

O SHIRO! "the big white!" ? ;)

Nifty escape and huge right hand! Congrats Mark 'The Shark'!

very nice!!

ef yeah!!

they don't call it "triumph" fo nutin.

beat you to next stop featherweight title? and some public speaking classes, in fact for all icon

shark attack once again.

CHHHEEEEEE HOOOOOO thats how hawaii does

any pics?

i'll have pics in an hour...our photog is sitting down now to edit and email.

Congrats to Mark the Shark!


we call it dead in the water. shark attack again.